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To make a living in music, you’re not just a musician. You’re a brand, an influencer, and a business. This requires intelligent maneuvering, thoughtful strategy, and flawless execution. We're helping solve that.
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Engage your audience

With a decade's worth of experience building and managing musician's careers, we put our best tools together in one, easy-to-use place.
Find Your Best Fans
View your interactions, receive recommendations on
where to engage, and build relationships.
Social, Merch, & Event Analytics
See what's working across your networks
and find opportunities worth investing in.
Share Links
Create links to promote music, videos, or any other content
for your socials and see detailed performance data.
Mailing List
Create or sync your mailing list and send formatted
newsletters to fans.

Sync your apps

As you grow, so do the tools in your management tool belt. We make it easy to link all your data in one place.

Built for the independent.

We understand the struggle. You're trying to get your music heard while trying to come up with money for studio time. Our platform helps musicians get more paychecks, build their livelihood, and stay independent as long as possible.
Leverage Your Data
Visualize the touchpoints of your brand and make smarter decisions.
Be Your Own Label
Our tools are comparable to what the major labels are using.

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