Management on steroids.

We use technology to help musicians reach their goals, manage their resources and grow their audience.

Inside the platform

An expanding set of tools to help with your daily tasks.

Dashboard. Easily view all your most important performance goals across various social channels.

E-commerce. Import your merch data, check performance, and track goals.

Benchmarks. Plan, execute and manage your release strategies.

Analyze. Receive calculated fan engagement recommendations based on your personal artist profile.

Responsive. Access anywhere with an internet connection.

Outreach. Manage, discover and engage with your ideal publications..

Your livelihood

Your music is your career. What are your goals? Let us help them become your reality.

Management is hard, especially if you don't have a manager. You have to handle merch, emails, social media, tour planning and much more. We took a lot of these chaotic, tedious tasks and consolidated them all in one place. Now you can spend less time trying to figure out how the data works and more time working on your future.