Management on steroids.

A platform to help musicians and their management team analyze their initiatives, learn about their fans, and drive growth.

Inside the platform

An expanding set of tools to help with your daily tasks.

Dashboard. Get a high-level view of your performance across social.

E-commerce. Import your merch data, check performance, and view history.

Benchmarks. Track how well your release strategies are performing.

Anaylze. See data about your fans and receive calculated recommendations.

Responsive. Access anywhere with an internet connection.

Outreach. Contact blogs that are aligned with your music.

Your career

Your music is your livelihood. Let us help you grow.

Management is hard, especially if you don't have a manager. Somehow you have to handle merch, emails, social media, and tour planning while still creating music, videos, and art. We took a lot of these tedious tasks and consolidated them all in one place. We strive to be the most useful tool in your toolbelt.